Connected Infrastructure

Remote monitoring and diagnostics solution

It is essential that mission critical equipment have 100% uptime. To maximize the operability of an infrastructure and avoid costfull shutdowns, it is essential to have an efficient maintenance system with all critical equipment operationnal at all time.

Therefore, it is mandatory that High Availability is assured for critical equipment.

Solutions such as Kalima’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics can guarantee uptime for critical equipment.


Kalima’s remote monitoring and diagnostics solution

Kalima’s Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics leverage connected technologie such as networking, analytics, mobility and the cloud to constantly monitor critical assets and run analytics to ensure availability.

● Kalima solution features Gateways and Hubs that acquires data from sensors.

● Kalima simplify edge computing and transport to Cloud Analytics up to mobiles terminals.

● The platform can be coupled with Knowledge Based Diagnostics to identify Root Causes and perform comprehensice Impact Analysis to provide recommendations and solutions.