Originally : Smart Factory

Historically we come from the field of the automobile, in the industrial world of high-quality assurance constraints. We have developed real know-how in just-in-time, on-demand manufacturing and traceability. We have managed to put in place for our customers a more agile logistics which responds to new uses and reduced their costs and deadlines.

Today we have the idea to apply our experience to other areas of activity such as Connected Infrastructure and Connected Construction Site, where our processes can be adapt very easily.

Want to know more ? Here are some of our references :



Improved PSA corail interface with order lists


General rules of our implementation

  1. Store data near the source.
  2. Compute data near the source.
  3. Send data to upper level, only when necessary.
  4. Have a fail over solution at each level.
  5. Have a disconnected mode at each level.
  6. Have flexible machines interfaces and flexible services interfaces.
  7. Use as much as possible new low cost Internet of Things industrial class hardwares for backup modes.
  8. Keep SAP connection of deliveries and of parts consumption.



  • Just in Time delivery capability
  • On demand manufacturing oriented
  • Low cost and reliable
  • Warranty failure duration below 3 hours
  • Capable to work during 72 hours with a good sevice level (no defects, good delivery defects)
  • Generic to be adaptable at low costs and delay in any plant
  • Remote administration, monitoring and alarm managment
  • Provide support for mobiles solutions

Kalima Software is used daily by Tenneco Automotive for Just in time processes.




JIT Concept : The right product in the right place at the right time



JIT SYSTEM is a completely web-based open solution for « just in time » and « just in sequence » logistical and manufacturing operations. It ensures that in LEAR manufacturing, each stage of the process produces exactly the amount required for the next step in the process.


JIT Standard functionalities

  • Product Traceability & quality
  • Automatic shipping and stocking following needs
  • Product and container Numbering
  • Work Queuing, Synchronization and de-Synchronization management (including time delay and incident)
  • Automatic labels printing
  • Automatic shipping management : information registry and Truck loading


The main advantage of JIT Systems is that you can organize your project teams as you want to meet to your specific requirements for cost, scheduling and other.

Since JIT Systems uses standard languages and methods, you can also easily train your existing teams to be able to participate actively in the project.