📣 The Things Conference 2019 ⭐

It was #TheThingsConference 2019!

This amazing event in Amsterdam organized by The Things Industries brought together 1500 visitors from 55 countries, 70 speakers and 32 partners! The whole Kalima Systems team thanks Wienke Giezeman, Johan Stokking, Sharan Lichtenauer and Laurens Slats for their energy, engagement and professionalism that made this event a success.

At The Things Conference, the leaders in the #LoRaWAN industry and Kalima Systems have shared knowledge about the hard bits, the long development cycles in IoT and the common mistakes that eat up all your time, money and resources.


Our two workshops hosted by Andre Charles Legendre (Founder and CTO of Kalima Systems), Bernard E. Le Moine (our CEO ) and Antony Abi Rached (one of our R&D engineers) about Embedded Blockchain & Digital Clone with LoRaWAN have been a real success.

▶ If you wish to receive our workshop prez, please send us an email on  info@kalimadb.com

▶ If you wish to receive our workshop prez, please send us an email on info@kalimadb.com

For Kalima Systems - Sponsor of The Things Conference - this was our first international exhibition, and we are proud of it.

See you next year!

Our graduate engineers! 🎓

On Saturday 26 January, the ESIREM’s graduation ceremony took place for the engineering students with whom Kalima Systems is a partner.

Mr Rami Benkhaled, Mr Jérôme Delaire and Mr Antony Abi Rached, all three R&D engineers at Kalima Systems, officially graduated at this ceremony.

The R&D engineers at Kalima Systems: Rami, Jérôme and Antony!

The R&D engineers at Kalima Systems: Rami, Jérôme and Antony!

ESIREM is a french research engineering school specialised in Research & Development and Computer/Electronics, which is located in Dijon, France.

Congratulations to all! ESIREM and Kalima Systems team are proud of their graduates!


Here is the speech of Mr Antony Abi Rached, major of his promotion, during the graduation ceremony

Only work pays.
— Antony Abi Rached

👉 Go 2019 👈

A New Year begins!

The whole Kalima Systems team wishes you all the best. May 2019 be a year of personal and professional success for you.

... Some news about the program at the beginning of this year for us:

— exacting orders for our partner   ENEDIS   —

— exacting orders for our partner ENEDIS

-- innovative POC with   DAHER   --

-- innovative POC with DAHER --

-- new manufacturers and distributors such as   The Things Networks   with recognised potential --

-- new manufacturers and distributors such as The Things Networks with recognised potential --

-- The major event The Things Conference that awaits us in Amsterdam at the end of the month --

-- and a new ally at our side, Mr Bernard Le Moine, who will support us in our exchanges with our future dear customers! --

KALIMA in 2019

Embedded blockchain dedicated to professional IoT
— André Legendre, Founder & CTO at Kalima Systems

Happy New Year to all!

#bestof2018 ⚡


As we are approaching a new and exciting year, it provides me with the opportunity to review Kalima Systems best 2018's moments!


⭐️ 2018 marked the presentation of our materiels - gateway, hubs, ... - and softwares's operating mode by our enthusiastic R&D Engineers at IoT World Event with our partner OpticsValley

⭐️ 2018 achieved an hard work to deploy our customized solution dedicated to our customer Enedis's high-voltage infrastructures

⭐️ 2018 sounded the victory of our team which was able to imagine an innovative smart district for Eiffage during the DRIM'In Saclay challenge

⭐️ 2018 inaugurated time of television interviews with BFM Business and Capital

⭐️ 2018 involved Kalima Systems in the fundraisings and pitchs way specific to the daily life of disruptive start-ups thanks to the powerful European DeepTechForGood 

⭐️ And finally, 2018 launched two POCs with Daher concerning production and maintenance of its TBM aircraft: Kalima embedded blockchain technology and IoT will allow to create a digital twin of the aircrafts.


🎄 All Kalima Systems team wishes you a happy christmas ✨

Our Embedded Blockchain & DAHER ✈️

Daher wanted to optimize its value chain and in particular its production & maintenance activities.

It is in this context that Daher works with innovative companies and start-ups... including Kalima Systems!

Our company was chosen for its embedded blockchain technology coupled with the IoT. Our embedded blockchain Kalima allows this type of project to be carried out in a highly constrained industrial technological environment - locally and in real time - thanks to the creation of a digital twin of the aircraft.

/// POC launched in October 2018: Daher and Kalima Systems have therefore started working together on two projects, one in production and the other in maintenance.