KALIMA : Distributed Ledger Technology

Our Mission : Answer to requirements of the Industrial IoT Blockchain

Imperatives of the industrial IoT Blockchain are low energy consumption, ability to delete / modify data and fast response time.

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With KALIMA, divide by ten or more, infrastructure and energy costs related to your connected objects solutions.

It's enable high quality of service for solutions which interconnect people, things and services.


A Blockchain without mining

In an industrial system in IoT, we may have many actors :


We will have several types of data :

  • The exchanges with the client : the orders

  • The tasks of different workstations (machines, operators)

  • Shipping data

  • Billing data

  • Security data of the system, of the building (burglary, ...)

  • Data of Fire safety

  • And all that is info of failures and operation of machines (incident alarm, ...)

All these are sensors and people concerned : these are the elements of our IoT network.

The number of actors would make the mining too costly or unachievable.


This is why KALIMA is a blockchain without mining.


Access authorization that we define

With KALIMA, partial access to data system are allowed, and in a mean while all data are blockhained :


Control your data.


multi levels IoT


Our know-how and our key differentiators are :

- processing : local (Edge) and middle (Fog)

- programming interface for planned analysis processes

- qualified data returns : no missing data in case of problem, and no data bring by a third party

- tolerance failure : guarantee continuity of service all the time

- data synchronization included : real time and event management

- real time : allow saving battery and internet bundle economy

- data sent to the mobile : notification to devices and mobiles, dynamic geolocation

- complex treatment allowed

Learn more with our BLOCKCHAIN Datasheet